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Aardvark Cleaning and Hauling does a variety of other services for the exterior and interior of your property. We do all the functions necessary to clearly cut through a property’s yard so that you can see through it from one end to another; this is especially important for aesthetics and compliance with city code enforcement. Years of neglect can leave the yard a jungle! We can trim or remove trees and bushes up to 20 feet. We remove those pesky evergreens bushes from in front of your home by ripping them out with a vehicle and cow chain; this gets the roots too. We mow, weed-eat, rake, sweep & clean gutters too. We demo metal & wood sheds.


Primarily designed for out-of-state customers who own property in the Denver region and cannot be on site, we work as a general manager for subcontractor work when necessary. We generally do not charge for this service. This becomes important when licensing requirements for major trade work becomes necessary or if time is of the essence. As a general rule flooring and major plumbing and electrical are the only times this may become necessary. Many times with rental and prep-for-sale projects the 6 surfaces of each room need some form of repair or improvement.


For small to medium apartments, townhouses and homes we can do all the following trades: drywall repair, door and trim replacement, painting, tile setting (including demo) and light electrical and plumbing such as the replacement of: light fixtures, switches, plugs, sinks, toilets, towel racks, door knobs, etc. These trade skill functions generally apply to necessary repairs and improvements needed to get the property back on the market as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Given that we are already working on these areas it makes sense to do the trade work as we go. We do not mark-up materials; you get them at cost.


Since we have been in business for so long I know many sole proprietorship trades that are not expensive — they are just like us — out there just “gettin ‘er done”. We offer these links to the general public free of charge. Last but not least, we have 12 - 30 cubic yards roll-offs at broker rates; being in the biz has its benefits! If you are in need of a roll-off contact us. We have the “in” on rock bottom pricing. Working with A Aardvark Cleaning and Hauling has this guarantee: if something is not right, we will fix it; for free.





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Junk Hauling, Denver, CO 80236

Junk Hauling, Denver, CO 80236

Junk Hauling, Denver, CO 80236