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At Aardvark Cleaning and Hauling we do rental, prep-for-sale, restoration, new construction and remodel cleaning only — we do not do repetitive maid service work. With recurring services we will schedule, upon customer request, on a monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual period for people who want to deep clean their home to maintain the home’s integrity or to support their religious holidays. For occupied homes we will unload cabinets and the refrigerator, clean and then put everything back and we will remove your blinds, wash them outside and reinstall them, upon request; otherwise we can do them in place. We do chandelier cleaning.


For rental and restoration work we clean everything. We do ceilings and walls for general purpose or for prep-for-paint. For general purposes our goal is to remove all build-up irrespective of the time it took to accumulate them. We de-cobweb and spot wash walls, wash all light fixtures, switch plates, plug plates, doors, door frames, window sills and baseboards. In bathrooms we do top to bottom in and out removing all deposits from all surfaces. We offer caulk removal so that it can be replaced. Kitchens are the same but we additionally remove the appliances, dismantle and clean the parts, clean their cubbies, reassemble and reinstall; this includes cleaning the oven interiors.


With new construction and remodel cleaning we provide the full service multi-phase cleaning most companies or owners require. We work for full showroom quality unless specified otherwise. This includes new window blade cleaning and full window frame dismantling, washing and reassembly. We can clean stationary exterior windows up to 2.5 stories by ladder. We pull forced air registers, wash them, vacuum the ducts back several feet and reassemble. If your remodel is occupied we can wash every touchable surface to remove severe dust contamination. Keep in mind I’m just highlighting company capabilities.


If you are trying to sell your home our goal is to make your home look as new as possible, this includes washing the windows, because to a potential buyer the home is new. In prep-for-sale cleaning we generally will forgo unloading cabinetry and such because during “open house” most people will not look inside things. They are most interested in the overall aesthetics; hence the windows! This saves you money which can be spent elsewhere. For older homes going on the market which contain a lot of bare wood surfaces, we provide oiling services for such things as paneling, cabinets, doors, door frames, window frames, baseboards, and staircase woodwork. For even older homes we have an oil/stain/varnish mix that turns oiling into a complete refinishing process with a cloth-only application in flat or satin finishes; a quick fix that looks great.


To summarize our cleaning services we offer carpet cleaning at below market prices because we can. If your domicile has been occupied and you do not want to sell or lease it with somebody else’s whatevers imbedded in the fibers! We have on-board scrubbers for that. If your carpets are not cleanable, we will rip out the carpet and pad and haul it away. We permanently treat pet odors by removing the floor covering and coating with oil-based sealant; the only system that actually works. We also do floor scrubbing, stripping and waxing which is especially useful in older homes — why replace the floor? Resurface it. We have polyurethane waxes that can last up to 5 years and seal the floors trapping odors beneath when sanding or floor replacement is not an option. Call me, Nick, with your inquiries about cleaning your property; why not? It’s free!




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Junk Hauling, Denver, CO 80236

Junk Hauling, Denver, CO 80236

Junk Hauling, Denver, CO 80236